April 16, 2008


This image calmed me after a crazy day filled with wedding planning stuffs. My first interpretation of it was “soft,” because that’s a new kind of shot that I’ve been experimenting with. (Love it, btw!) Then I came across the current week’s Photo Friday challenge, themed “fragile” and I think this fits perfectly into that theme.

I’m really digging this new style, as I mentioned to my friend yesterday, because I feel that it really leaves the image open to interpretation. To me, it inspires emotions and thoughts, and peace. Well, peace is an interpretation of the image. 🙂

And I think it has helped spark some creativity as well. For a long time, I’ve been feeling that that creativity that I used to feel coursing through me, allowing me to write random stories and just spew off on topics, has shriveled up and left. Or gone into Super Hideout Mode. I’ve been doing photography for fun for the past 3 years, and sure that’s creative, but at the same time I feel, how creative is it really to take a photo of something that’s just there? You look at it and you say, oh that’s a blahblah and that’s that. But with something like this, you can look at it and say, oh that makes me feel <insert>.

Maybe I’m selling myself short. Or maybe I’m just in a phase. I think both. But I’m really happy with the latest shots. And see, they made me write all this stuff too! 😀


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